• Ticia
    Office Manager

    Ticia is our office manager at Heather Ridge Dentistry. She has been involved with dentistry for over 30 years. Her expertise lies in understanding and discovering the needs of each and every patient. She fully practices our motto of treating each patient like a member of our family. Her main goal is to put every patient at ease. Ticia believes that going to the dentist does not have to be a scary experience-especially when your dentist is Dr. Ashkan Khoshrou. Ticia’s extensive knowledge and familiarity with dentistry allows her to be able to explain treatment plans and procedures in a simple way, so that all patients can understand exactly what is going to happen. We do not want anyone to be confused or overwhelmed! A special talent of Ticia’s is that she has acquired over the years a thorough knowledge of insurance companies. This allows her to surprise our patients by offering them estimations of benefits our patients never dreamed they would be eligible for. She makes sure that each of our patients receives the best coverage from insurance providers and makes sure each of there visit is a wonderful experience.

  • Mayra
    Dental Assistant

    Mayra (Little Miss Sunshine) as she is known for due to her bright and shiny smile is passionate and driven about her work as a Dental Assistant. She delights in helping people and making them smile. Mayra’s work ethics and inner drive to connect with people are obvious in the extent to which she goes to make patients feel at home at Heather Ridge Dentistry.

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